Area & Site lighting: professional lighting that fulfills different needs


Sports lighting

Casyoo provides the most professional and effective LED lighting for different types of stadiums. Every parameter, like the utilization coefficient and uniformity of the light, will be set depending on your country’s national standards for outdoor sports lighting. The area & site lighting should be precise, with an accurate beam angle, an appropriate height of the pole, suitable brightness, and other settings that will provide a perfect view for both the players and the audience.

Sports lighting of Area & Site lighting application

Parking lot lighting

Parking lot lights are very different from the common street lights. They need to illuminate larger areas and make the light as uniform as possible. Casyoo provides an excellent design of the lights by considering the specific conditions and requirements of the clients’ parking lots. And compared with traditional HID lights, LED lights are far more energy-efficient. These LED parking lot lights can do more things, like automatically turning on and off, changing color temperatures, and so on.

Parking lot lighting of Area & Site lighting application
Area & Site lighting function background


• Customized design to meet the requirements of different sites.

• Superior performance in brightness, uniformity, and other features, conforming to national standards.

• Players, audiences, drivers, passersby—various people benefit from our lighting.

• Adjusting the color temperatures and brightness of the lights for better effect

• No glare or light pollution.


What we provide

weather proof

Outdoor lights must stand the harshest weather and minimize the influence of wind, rain, and sunshine. Casyoo’s lights have an IP 65 rating, preventing water or dust from entering the case. Besides, they are solid and perform well in heat dissipation, which ensures their safety.

long lifespan
Long lifespan

Casyoo’s lights consist of high-quality components from the best suppliers, like Sumsang and Osram. The little heat emission from the lights will not cause damage to the parts. So the lights have a long lifespan.

professional design
Professional design

Casyoo’s experienced designers will pay attention to the light distribution, beam angle, and other characteristics of the lights to make sure they provide the most suitable lighting for your project.

energy saving

To maintain the same amount of light, our LED street lamps require 80% less energy than their counterparts. For a large project like this, the LED street lights help save a lot of energy and cut costs over the years.

LED street light application about casyoo

About us

After more than 17+ years of continuous improvement, Casyoo has always been dedicated to LED PCB and product manufacturing. With strong production and R&D capabilities as necessary and better after-sale services as a plus, Casyoo is committed to becoming the world’s leading LED light manufacturer. We are proudly able to provide rapid production of cost-effective LED products and PCBs, which we source from reliable suppliers like Sumsang and Osram. These products are guaranteed by coating confirmation, aging testing, and other professional tests, as well as certifications like CE, UL, BSCI, etc.


The height of the light pole depends on many factors, such as the type of stadium, its size, etc. Generally speaking, the lights for the baseball field are around 10–12 meters high. Those for the football field can be 20 meters high or more.

The sports lighting has different lux levels for the stadium at different occasions, like training, amateur competitions, and professional competitions. Take badminton court as an example; the lux level for the above three occasions will be respectively 300, 500, and 750.

For sports lighting, there are many points to pay attention to. For example, the light distribution should be reasonable to ensure the uniformity of light. The light should be bright enough and conform to the standard lux level. The requirements vary when it comes to different types of courts.

The beam angle of stadium lights is usually between 10 and 60 degrees, and the exact setting depends on the height of the light and other factors. Lights with a bigger beam angle can illuminate a larger area, while lights with a smaller beam angle can provide more intense light.

Compared with the traditional HID parking lot lights, LED ones are a better choice. They save more energy, which will save a lot of money because they have to work long hours. Besides, with the same power, the LED lights are brighter and can light up a larger are.

The lumens should be around 10,000 to 20,000 because the parking lot often occupies a large area. The light needs to be bright enough to ensure safety and prevent theft.

The power of the parking lot lights can range from 100 to 1000 watts, according to the size of the area. And the common power will be 150-500 watts.

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