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We have collaborated closely with industry and research professionals for more than 17 years to offer your plants full-spectrum LED grow lights at a competitive price. Whether you’re growing flowers, vegetables, or fruits, you can adjust the intensity and spectrum to create the ideal growing conditions for any plant type with our LED grow lights. Everything is made in-house at our factory, including LED boards, enclosures, controls, and final assembly. All our products are certified by CE, ROHS, BSCI and UL.

As a leading one-stop-shop OEM/ODM LED grow light manufacturer, we can offer customized solutions in sizes, wattage, spectra, and designs based on your designs and requirements. Our services range from purchasing, quality management, cost improvement, product design, manufacturing, to assembly, and other value-added services.

LED Grow Light Bar
S-150 150w
S-150 150W
s200 200W
S-200 200W
S-300 300w
S-300 300W



  • 20 - 1000W
  • 20 - 60W
  • 60 - 90W
  • 90 - 120W
  • 120 - 450W
  • 450 - 1000W

Types of LED Grow lights

LED Grow Light Bar

LED grow light bar is a long, narrow light fixture with a number of LEDs mounting on it. They provide precise and uniform light distribution, making them ideal for smaller grow setups. Additionally, its slim design helps reduce shading on plants, which makes it ideal for tall plants and supplemental greenhouse lighting.

LED Grow Light Panel

They come in various sizes and are frequently rectangular. They have a more concentrated light distribution in the center, making them suitable for smaller indoor setups or individual plants in a grow tent.

With the board-style design, there are fewer and more compact components. So they are budget-friendly. However, heat management is a little more difficult because of their broader form, which makes them more likely to accumulate heat.

Multi-Bar LED Grow Light

Multi-bar grow lights are known for their rectangular shape, consisting of multiple bars. They could be used for plants in all stages of growth.

The spacing between each light bar gives you more consistent light. Multi-bar grow lights are popular in large-scale commercial cultivation because they distribute light evenly across the canopy. In terms of heat management, multi-bar LEDs dissipate heat more effectively than panel lights due to the narrow design of each bar.

UFO LED Grow Light

In contrast to the rectangular design of traditional grow lights, the UFO grow light has a round design. Simply put, it looks like a UFO. UFO grow light is an ideal lighting solution for indoor growing. Although the round shape reduces the size of the lighting, it gives your plants plenty of coverage. UFO LEDs are perfect for limited spaces, you can hang them in any corner.

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