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Multi-bar LED Grow Light
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S-150 150W
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S-300 300W

The Advantages of Multi-Bar LED Grow Lights over LED Grow Light Panels

Better Light Distribution

Multi-bar LED grow lights reduce the effects of shadow, providing better light distribution. They are more popular in larger grow spaces because of the consistent light they deliver across the canopy. However, the light they emit is less concentrated than LED panel lights.

More Energy Efficient

Both of these two lights are more energy-efficient than traditional lighting.

Nonetheless, multi-bar LED grow lights are usually considered to be more energy-efficient than LED grow light panels. This is because the multi-bar LEDs provide more accurate light distribution and spectrum, making it easier to provide each plant with the necessary amount of light. The multi-bar design can also aid in reducing heat dissipation, which lowers the operating temperature and reduces energy waste.

Better Heat Dissipation

Multi-bar LED grow lights typically generate less heat than LED grow light panels due to their construction and design. The LED chips in a muti-bar LED grow light are positioned linearly along the bar’s length. This design distributes the heat produced by the LED chips over a greater surface area, leading to better heat dissipation. Larger heat sinks are another feature of multi-bar LED grow lights that aid in dissipating the heat emitted by the LED chips.

LED panel lights, on the other hand, are made with a flat PCB, which is more compact and smaller in size. This design can’t dissipate heat efficiently, leading to higher operating temperatures.

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