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UFO LED Grow Light
U-150 150w
U-150 150W
U-200 200w
U-200 200W
u-300 300w
U-300 300W
U-400 400w
U-400 400W
U-500 500w
U-500 500W
U-100 100w
U-100 100W

Are UFO LED grow lights better than rectangular ones?

They are both performing their respective roles to the best of their abilities. The rectangular options work best in larger grow rooms, while the UFO grow lights are best suited for smaller grow rooms. It’s recommended to start with the UFO LED lights if you are new to hydroponic systems and grow rooms—especially since they are affordable.

What are the advantages of UFO grow lights?

Even Coverage & PAR Distribution

It offers even coverage for your plants, you can mount the UFO LEDs easily in small spaces like grow tents or closets.


UFO LED grow lights are made of lightweight, high-quality materials, making them easy to carry from one place to another.

Easy Installation

Every unit comes with a Rope Ratchet hanger, which makes installation easier and enables you to easily adjust the height of the light.

Low Heat Emission

A UFO LED grow light emits very little heat, you can position the round LED light close to the plant to give it intense lighting. Reduced heat production also may save you money by preventing the need for an air conditioner.

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