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Decorative Street Lights
FloodRGB flood street light
FloodRGB-30 30W
FloodRGB flood street light
FloodRGB-50 50W
FloodRGB flood street light
FloodRGB-100 100W
Starlight flood street light
Starlight-11 11W
Starlight flood street light
Starlight-17 17W
Starlight flood street light
Starlight-24 24W

How many lumens do I need for garden lights?

Strip Lights

1. Stairs Illumination: 20-100 lumens for clear visibility.
2. Edge Lighting: Less than 20-100 lumens for subtle ambiance without overpowering garden aesthetics.

Column Lights

Private Gardens: 100-200 lumens for safe path illumination, considering the smaller, elaborately designed nature of garden paths.

Wall Lights

50-175 lumens suitable for various uses, including lighting landscapes, enhancing security, and accommodating cameras.

How do I choose an outdoor LED light?


There are LED flood lights with different wattage for various uses. The wattage can vary between 100 and 2000. For lighting up your garden, you will usually only need a light of 100 W, and if you have a large garden, the wattage should also increase according to the area. For large places like the parking lot, the wattage can be 1500 W.


Compared with indoor lights, outdoor lights work in more harsh weather. Therefore, you should pick up a light that has a relatively long service life so that you don’t have to replace it too frequently. A common LED flood light can work for 10-20 years.

IP rating

IP rating measures whether the light can resist water. Your best choice will be those flood lights that have a rating of IP 65.

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