LED Grow Lights for Algae Production

Casyoo LEDs and algae: endless possibilities

Casyoo offers quality LED grow light solutions for algae production. Tunable spectrum and uniform illumination help you accomplish your goals.

commercial algae production

Why is commercial algae production becoming popular?

  • Algae is a food source for both fish husbandry and aquaculture.
  • Using algae as an alternative food source will benefit cattle, chicken feed lots, and the environment since it is not only less expensive to produce than grain and cereal crops, but it also has the potential to reduce CO2 and methane emissions by almost 80%.
  • Algae can be used in wastewater treatment for public and industrial facilities to remove waste chemicals and contaminants.
  • Algae can be used as a biofuel and a substitute in petrochemical processing industries.
  • In medicine, algae produce a large number of unique extracts during the cell division process that are effective in maintaining health and treating disease.
  • Astaxanthin, with its potent antioxidant action for both humans and animals, finds significant uses in the food, feed, cosmetics, and nutraceutical industries. The resting cells of algae have a high amount of astaxanthin, which is created and rapidly accumulates as environmental conditions become unsuitable for regular cell proliferation. These circumstances can include intense light, excessive salinity, and little nutrition availability.
led commercial algae production

Why choose LED grow lights?

Artificial lighting is used in algaculture to control harvest cycle time and consistency of algae. Fluorescent lights, MH lights, and HPS lights were the lighting technologies employed in algae production in the past. The incapacity to regulate spectrum and intensity, energy inefficiency, and the potential for dangerous substances to poison the algae make them inferior to LEDs.

Here are some benefits of using LEDs:

  • lessen crop stress with the right spectrum
  • give off a more uniform light to the plants
  • generate a great deal less heat than traditional lights
  • their customizable nature can control the effects on different phases of culture and density.

Effective solutions

MX-480 480w
MX-480 480W
mx-600w 600w
MK-600 600W
s200 200W
S-200 200W
P-200 200w
P-200 200W
U-200 200w
U-200 200W

Our proven recipes for growth

Vegetables & Fruits background
High wire vegetables, leafy greens, herbs and soft fruits

Improve the quality, consistency and yield of vegetables and fruits, year-round with finely-tuned light recipes. LED grow lights supply the spectrum and intensity that crops need without adding extra heat.

Floriculture background
Cut flowers, potted plants, bedding plants & perennials

The right light recipe increases flower size, propagation success and production numbers, while shortening crop cycles. LED grow lights give you full control over your plants and indoor climate in all the growth phases.

Vertical farming background
Grow leafy greens, herbs and fruits without daylight

Producing profitable crops in indoor facilities. LEDs make the dream possible. They provide the optimal growth recipe to, grow healthier, pesticide-free crops, propagate young plants and maximize single or multi-layer yield indoors.

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