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Propagate your plants with Casyoo

Just as every child needs unique attention during their childhood, your plants also require special care when they are young. The best way is to use an LED propagation light.

Propagation lighting is designed to give seeds and clones the precise light spectrum they need to grow and develop to their full potential. A propagation tray or dome, which aids in maintaining high humidity and temperature levels to encourage germination and rooting, is frequently used in conjunction with propagation lighting. Usually, the lighting is positioned quite near the plants, and as the plants grow, the amount of time they are exposed to light is gradually increased.

Casyoo offers cutting-edge artificial LED grow light solutions for propagation applications to generate high-quality, healthy seedlings. Superior seedlings will have a beneficial impact on how well plants are harvested.

Why choose Casyoo?

Casyoo LED propagation lights boast low heat output, energy efficiency, and tunable spectrum capabilities. You don’t need to worry about hurting your seedlings.

Optimized Ratio of Blue and Red

Optimization of blue-red ratio

The high percentage of blue light in our LEDs encourages short and compact growth in seedlings or clones. Although red light has less of an impact on plant development than blue light, it is nevertheless essential for plant growth.

Ideal Light Intensity

Ideal Light Intensity

Seedlings, clones, or very young plants don’t require too intense light. Since they do not have deep roots, seedlings are susceptible to drying out under high intensity light.

Even Light Distribution

Even Light Distribution

Casyoo LEDs emit uniform light to prevent any hot spots and ensure every young plant receives roughly the same amount of light to promote more uniform plants.

High CRI

High CRI

The light output with A high CRI (Color Rendering Index) is also preferred since it allows the planter to clearly observe the color of the plants and immediately identify pests, diseases, or nutrient deficiencies.

Effective solutions

Our proven recipes for growth

Vegetables & Fruits background
High wire vegetables, leafy greens, herbs and soft fruits

Improve the quality, consistency and yield of vegetables and fruits, year-round with finely-tuned light recipes. LED grow lights supply the spectrum and intensity that crops need without adding extra heat.

Floriculture background
Cut flowers, potted plants, bedding plants & perennials

The right light recipe increases flower size, propagation success and production numbers, while shortening crop cycles. LED grow lights give you full control over your plants and indoor climate in all the growth phases.

Vertical farming background
Grow leafy greens, herbs and fruits without daylight

Producing profitable crops in indoor facilities. LEDs make the dream possible. They provide the optimal growth recipe to, grow healthier, pesticide-free crops, propagate young plants and maximize single or multi-layer yield indoors.

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Propagation LED grow lights

Casyoo LED grow lights boost your propagation rates and rooting speed. Get stronger and more uniform results for…

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