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LED Flood Lights
casyoone solar street light
Casyoone-20 20W
casyoone solar street light
Casyoone-40 40W
casyoone 60w solar street light
Casyoone-60 60W
casyoone 80w solar street light
Casyoone-80 80W
casyoone 80w solar street light
Casyoone-100 100W
casyooSSw solar street light
CasyooSS-100 100W

How to choose LED flood lights?


Lumens indicate brightness perception, with the required lumens varying based on the area. For yards, consider 600 to 1500 lumens, while parking lots may need over 20000 lumens. Higher lumens provide brighter light.


Determine wattage based on lumens and luminous efficiency (lm/W) marked on the light. For example, if you need 1000 lumens and the efficiency is 100 lm/W, then the wattage is 10 W. Yards typically range from 50-100 W, while larger spaces like parking lots may need 500-1000 W.

Color Temperatures

Choose color temperatures based on application. Higher temperatures (5000-6000 K) enhance visibility, while lower temperatures (3000-4000 K) create a warm atmosphere. Consider safety and aesthetics when deciding on color temperatures for your outdoor LED flood lights.

Differences between LED flood lights and LED roadway lights

Beam Spread

Flood lights offer a wide beam spread of up to 120 degrees or more, illuminating a broad area evenly, making them suitable for landscaping and signage. Street lights, designed with a light distribution solution, focus light precisely on roads with a beam angle usually smaller than 120 degrees.

Reflector Differences

Floodlights use reflectors to emit diffuse light without lenses, often with various colored reflectors for different applications. Street lights utilize lenses and reflectors to achieve precise light distribution, reducing light output loss caused by the lens, shaping the light to match the road area.


Floodlights are ideal for interior and outdoor lighting, providing consistent illumination for buildings, events, and photography. Street lights not only illuminate roads but also have versatile applications, from garden lights for yards to high mast lights for large areas like ports and parking lots.

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