Roadway lighting: light up a better community at a lower cost



Street lights are the fundamental element in the construction of a sustainable city. Over these years, many cities have chosen to change their appearance in an economical way by applying LED street lights. With LED street lights, citizens can see the roads more clearly, no matter when they are driving on the streets, bridges, or highways. Casyoo’s long-lasting LED street lights provide the brightest light without any energy waste. It would be great to light up the city and, at the same time, save the budget. These beneficial street lights will be sure to help create a safer and more attractive city!

Roadway lighting application
Roadway lighting function background


• Providing bright and uniform light for streets, bridges, highways, etc.

• No more waste of energy; a lighting solution that sticks to your budget.

• Improve the lives of citizens by providing a clear view and ensuring their safety at night.

• Smart street light control change the city into a modern one and enjoy more convenient management.

• Less maintenance is required with LED street lights that have a long lifespan, making your lighting project more economically friendly.


What we provide

clear viewing
Clear viewing

Compared with sodium lamps, our LED street lights have nearly 3X higher color rendering , which means much clearer vision, thanks to LED chips and drivers from world-famous suppliers like MEAN WELL or OSRAM.

no glare
No glare

Driven by constant yet low current, our LED street lamps give out lights evenly without low glare or flicker that cannot be seen with bare eyes; this would not lead to dark spots or affect the way of driving.

energy saving

To maintain the same amount of light, our LED street lamps require 80% less energy than their counterparts. For a large project like this, the LED street lights help save a lot of energy and cut costs over the years.

low maintenance
Low maintenance

Our LED street lamps passed IP65 tests, were covered with powder coating, and equipped with surge protection devices, making them resistant to corrosion, abrasion, chemicals, and even lightning.

LED street light application about casyoo

About us

After more than 17+ years of continuous improvement, Casyoo has always been dedicated to LED PCB and product manufacturing. With strong production and R&D capabilities as necessary and better after-sale services as a plus, Casyoo is committed to becoming the world’s leading LED light manufacturer. We are proudly able to provide rapid production of cost-effective LED products and PCBs, which we source from reliable suppliers like Sumsang and Osram. These products are guaranteed by coating confirmation, aging testing, and other professional tests, as well as certifications like CE, UL, BSCI, etc.


The LED street lights can last for 10 years or longer. Because they are of higher quality and emit less heat than traditional lights, LED lights have a longer service life.

LED lights initially produce blue light, and they create white light with a phosphor powder coating. Because the light’s surface coating ages over time, low-quality LED street lights may become purple.

For those who want a clear view first, 4000-5000 K cold white is the best choice. For those who want to make the light look more comfortable, 3000-4000 K warm white is better.

There are many factors affecting the wattage of street lights, like the width of the roads, the height of the poles, etc. Typically, an 8-meter LED street light may need a 30-60 W LED light. As for a 6-meter LED street light, the wattage is usually between 60 W and 100 W.

LED street lights are better than HPS lights in terms of cost, CRI, brightness, service life, and so on. Especially, their lighting efficiency is much higher than HPS ones, so they are now replacing HPS lights and saving more energy.

On highways, the street lights should be more than 5000 lumens. They should be bright enough to prevent accidents and reduce the fatigue of drivers.

Highway lights are high because, with this height, they can illuminate a wider area, provide brighter light, and resist the wind.

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