Decorative lighting: colorful, diverse, and enjoyable



Your outdoor space can still be beautiful and fashionable at night with suitable decorative lighting, or even more! Creating an impressive landscape with lights and trees, illuminating the buildings to create various light effects, setting special lighting for different events… All can be achieved with Casyoo’s flood lights, spot lights, bollards, or any type you can imagine. These lights also work to provide sufficient light to ensure safety at night. They support color and color temperature control, smart control, and customization. The only aim is to provide the best plan to fulfill your dream of appealing lighting for your garden, landscape in the park, or any other site!

Decorative lighting application
Decorative lighting functions background


• Creating a landscape with limitless style with various light fixtures

• Improve the city night view with amazing lighting effects and impress citizens and visitors.

• Secure the safety of the neighborhood in a beautiful way.

• Relax and entertain in a private space with your friends, celebrating events and holidays.

• Change the light at any time to different modes with simple and smart control.


What we provide

weather proof

Outdoor lights must stand the harshest weather and minimize the influence of wind, rain, and sunshine. Casyoo’s lights have an IP 65 rating, preventing water or dust from entering the case. Besides, they are solid and perform well in heat dissipation, which ensures their safety.

long lifespan
Long lifespan

Casyoo’s lights consist of high-quality components from the best suppliers, like Sumsang and Osram. The little heat emission from the lights will not cause damage to the parts. So the lights have a long lifespan.

smart control
Smart control

change color, color temperature, brightness, and status of the light in an application on your phone! Lights with different types of sensors will turn on or off automatically. No more forgetting to turn off the lights or having to grope in the darkness to turn on the lights!

energy saving

To maintain the same amount of light, our LED street lamps require 80% less energy than their counterparts. For a large project like this, the LED street lights help save a lot of energy and cut costs over the years.

LED street light application about casyoo

About us

After more than 17+ years of continuous improvement, Casyoo has always been dedicated to LED PCB and product manufacturing. With strong production and R&D capabilities as necessary and better after-sale services as a plus, Casyoo is committed to becoming the world’s leading LED light manufacturer. We are proudly able to provide rapid production of cost-effective LED products and PCBs, which we source from reliable suppliers like Sumsang and Osram. These products are guaranteed by coating confirmation, aging testing, and other professional tests, as well as certifications like CE, UL, BSCI, etc.


LED lights are the best for garden illumination. As they emit little heat, they are safe to use. Besides, LED lights have a high light efficiency, so they can save energy when working for long hours.

For strip lights, the lumen can be 20-100 to let visitors see the stairs. For column lights, the lumen should be 100-200 to illuminate the path. The lumen of wall lights can be 50-175. The bright ones can secure the safety of your garden.

Firstly, choose an LED light of suitable wattage so that it is bright enough and won’t waste too much energy. Secondly, as they work outdoors, you should find those with at least an IP 65 rating to resist the harsh weather. Thirdly, choose those that have a long lifespan, so you don’t need to fix them too frequently.

Yes. Warm lights and cool lights have different functions, so you can use both of them to achieve different effects. The warm lights help to make people feel more relaxed, and the cool ones provide a clearer view.

Different from street lights, which need to illuminate the roads to a strict standard, most garden lights function as decorations. So they can be as short as 0.5 meters. For the taller ones, the height will be between 3 and 6 meters.

The LED landscape lights should last for more than 10,000 hours. As outdoor lights, long service life is very important, and that is one of the reasons why we use LED lights to replace the traditional ones.

LED lights have a long service life and are energy-saving, so it is okay to leave them on all day. But if you want to save more energy, you can choose those LED lights with sensors. They will light up when necessary and turn off when you don’t need them.

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