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LED Grow Light Panel
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P-400 400W
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P-600 600W
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P-100 100W
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P-200 200W
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P-300 300W

The Advantages of LED Grow Light Panels over Multi-Bar LED Grow Lights

Higher Central Light Intensity

The board design distributes the LED diodes over a flat surface, producing a more concentrated light with greater canopy penetration. Plants in the middle of the growing area are guaranteed consistent, strong exposure to the light spectrum needed for photosynthesis because of this concentrated light intensity. The most evident advantage of this type of light distribution is that, if you are growing medium-to-tall plants, the light from a board LED can perfectly cover each plant.

When compared to LED light panels,multi-bar LED grow lights are less concentrated. But they provide an even distribution of light.

More Budget-friendly

LED grow panel lights are usually less expensive than multi-bar LED grow lights due to the differences in their construction and design. The PCB design used in LED panel lights reduces production costs by enabling the efficient production of multiple LED chips in a constrained area.

In addition, compared to multi-bar LED grow lights, the construction of LED grow panel lights is simpler and requires fewer parts and connection points. This results in a lower cost of materials and a simpler manufacturing process.

Better Fit for a Variety of Small Indoor Grow Space

LED grow light panels are the ideal lighting solution for growers who want to grow small vegetables, flowers, or weeds at home because of their perfect light coverage and lightweight design. They can be perfectly installed in grow tents, cabinets, and plant shelves, among other small spaces.

Easy to Use for Beginners

LED grow light panel is the top option for inexperienced growers because of its cost-effectiveness and ease of use. Moreover, many LED panels have adjustable light spectrum and intensity controls, which make it easier for novices to experiment and use.

Compared to LED grow light panels, multi-bar LED grow lights are more expensive but have a higher output efficiency and can produce more uniform light.

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