Rural area lighting: light in every corner of the world



Till now, around 43 percent of the world population lives in rural areas. There is a high demand for lighting in rural areas, yet in many places, people still live in darkness because of the remote location or tight budget. To solve this problem, in the countryside that is not too far away, short street lights or wall lights can be wise choices to both provide illumination and save costs. As for remote areas, the more practical way is to install solar street lights since setting the grid is more difficult and costly. These street lights will be the key to improving the lives of the villagers.

Rural area lighting application
Rural area lighting function background


• By providing an environmentally friendly solution for rural street lighting, bring light to as many areas as possible.

• Ensure the safety of the villagers and minimize the negative effect of the lack of light on people’s lives.

• Supporting business activities in the countryside to promote economic development.

• Solar lights are powered by clean energy, so they will not pollute the environment.


What we provide

easy installation
Easy installation

Off-grid solar lights don’t need to be connected by cables, and all the other equipment of a common street light system is not necessary. It not only saves costs but also reduces the possibility of a fault in a complicated system.

long lifespan
Long lifespan

Casyoo’s lights consist of high-quality components from the best suppliers, like Sumsang and Osram. The little heat emission from the lights will not cause damage to the parts. So the lights have a long lifespan.

energy saving

To maintain the same amount of light, our LED street lamps require 80% less energy than their counterparts. For a large project like this, the LED street lights help save a lot of energy and cut costs over the years.

low maintenance
Low maintenance

Our LED street lamps passed IP65 tests, were covered with powder coating, and equipped with surge protection devices, making them resistant to corrosion, abrasion, chemicals, and even lightning.

LED street light application about casyoo

About us

After more than 17+ years of continuous improvement, Casyoo has always been dedicated to LED PCB and product manufacturing. With strong production and R&D capabilities as necessary and better after-sale services as a plus, Casyoo is committed to becoming the world’s leading LED light manufacturer. We are proudly able to provide rapid production of cost-effective LED products and PCBs, which we source from reliable suppliers like Sumsang and Osram. These products are guaranteed by coating confirmation, aging testing, and other professional tests, as well as certifications like CE, UL, BSCI, etc.


Solar street lights are widely used in rural areas because most places are very remote. Setting the grid for the lights will be difficult. Solar street lights are of high quality, and the installation of them is simple, so they are suitable for rural areas.

In rural areas, there are fewer people and cars, so the standard of the street lights is not as high as in the city. The street lights are usually 6-8 meters high, and the light they provide is enough for people’s daily needs.

The power of street lights in rural areas can be as low as 30 watts. In this way, it will need as little energy as possible to light up the rural areas and reduce costs.

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